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Plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy have rapidly become an established part of today’s diets. The evolution of this segment is characterized by an ever-expanding spectrum of tastes and textures, driven by desires for more authentic meat and dairy experiences with plant-based ingredients. Woven into this are a diversity of sustainability, free-from and nutritional needs. Bunge is well positioned to help you stand out from the competition.

Award Winning Ingredients

Our award winning PurePro has proven a great option to create deliciously melting vegan cheese 

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Beleaf in the Taste of Tomorrow

Whether you want to make a succulent burger, silky smooth spread, melty cheese, decadent coffee creamer or ice cream, we can help. Our Beleaf oils and fats and PurePro proteins play a pivotal role in driving sensory enjoyment across this segment, enhancing taste, texture, aroma and appearance.

  • Our PurePro proteins have been awarded for their functionality in plant-based cheese. Adding our faba or pea proteins to your recipe delivers the melt that you are looking for on your burger or pizza. 
  • For meat alternatives, our portfolio includes proteins, fats, shortenings, flakes, lecithin and milled grains to deliver juicy mouthfeel and full flavor. 
  • For dairy alternatives, we offer a  range of oils, fats, proteins, margarine and buttery spreads and milled grains, to meet baking, cooking and eating needs. 

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Plant-Based Meats

Create meat alternatives with exceptional taste, texture, aroma and cooking properties. Our experts can work together with your R&D team to combine ingredients to ‘meat’ your consumer’s expectations

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Plant-Based Dairy

Through our collaborative approach, we turn ideas into dairy-free products, with improved processing, long shelf life, attractive appearance and improved creaminess and meltability

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Our Organic Portfolio

In Europe, we offer a reliable and scalable supply of certified organic oils, fats and lecithins ranging from sunflower, rapeseed and soy to palm, shea and coconut. We drive progress through partnership with you by combining our extensive lipids expertise and your specific knowledge to co-create products that unlock the sensory excitement of your organic portfolio.

Our Plant-Based Brands

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Our Beleaf range of plant-based lipids for meat and dairy alternatives delivers the same juicy mouthfeel and full flavor. Our solutions can also help you meet a number of sustainability and free-from needs, including RSPO, organic, non-GMO, and more.

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Our PurePro conventional and non-GMO protein isolates and concentrates provide a range of functional and physical properties that manufacturers of plant-based foods and beverages seek to deliver pleasing sensory experiences and nutrition benefits.

Sustainably Sourced

We keep sustainability at the forefront of our minds with every decision we take. We are committed to sourcing traceable and sustainable ingredients from a variety of sources. Learn more on our sustainability efforts

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