Specialty Oils, Fats and Lecithins

Oils and fats are indispensable ingredients that shape taste, nutrition and culinary experience. Our plant-based specialty oils and fats meet evolving dietary needs and trends, delivering the functionality the food and nutrition industry demands, and satisfying the diverse tastes of consumers in every part of the world.

With a focus on innovation and consumer trends, we produce a wide variety of specialty oils and fats and lecithins used by customers in different industries around the world, including restaurants, bakeries, foodservice, food processing and retail.


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Oils and Fats

Bunge is a global leader in oil and fat ingredients and supplier of choice of many food manufacturers, bakeries, retail and food service operators, offering a full range of soft seed and tropical oils solutions and world-class innovation capabilities. 

Our products are used in a wide range of applications, from confectionery and bakery to infant nutrition and plant-based foods.

Bowl of lecithin


Our complete lecithin offering brings a multitude of functional and processing properties. It is the magic ingredient that unsticks pans and conveyor belts, makes shiny chocolates like a mirror, evenly mixes ingredients into a homogenous dough or instantizes your powdered drinks. Our team of experts can help our customers streamline their production process, recipes and optimize their consumer product offerings to meet today’s food trends.


Learn More About the Sources of our Oils

soybean pods

Our Grains & Oilseeds Commitment reflects our sustainable approach to value chains for major commodities such as soy. As a leading company oilseed processor, we work to ensure a sustainable supply of this product.

Close up of blooming canola crops

We source our canola seeds from Austria, Canada, Germany, Hungary, the US and Poland.

palm seeds

We are committed to sourcing and processing traceable and certified sustainable palm oil. We believe that palm oil and palm kernel oil must be produced in a sustainable manner and have a positive social impact.

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Shea nut being spooned out of pot

Shea butter comes from a nut and is a naturally grown crop that grows in the West African Savannah park lands. More fondly known as the ‘tree of life,’ the shea tree has profound impact on many lives.

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close up of person's hands slicing a coconut with knife

We source coconut oil from the Philippines and Indonesia, predominantly from Mindanao (PH) and North Sulawesi (ID).

Close up of blooming sunflowers

We source our sunflower seeds from Hungary, Argentina, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

olives on a branch

Bunge sources olives from Turkey.

Responsible Supply Chains

We promote sustainable agriculture and implement robust projects that protect and improve the environment, while supporting the social and economic well-being of growers and local communities. How we source some of Bunge’s most critical products – and some of the world’s most important food and feed ingredients – is central to our commitment to responsible supply chains.

Building Responsible Supply Chains

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