Accountability and Governance

What Bunge Stands For

We aim to be an accountable leader within our industry, raising the bar for our sector through exemplary tracking and disclosures for our commitments and performance.

Transparency and accountability all starts with strong corporate governance that positions us to continue delivering long-term value for our stakeholders and being a sustainable partner to our customers, investors and our employees.

Sustainability considerations are embedded across the functions of multiple committees of Bunge’s Board of Directors.


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Sustainability Governance

Sustainability at Bunge is overseen at the Board of Directors level by the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee (SCRC) since 2014. The SCRC meets on a regular basis and is tasked with oversight of relevant sustainability and corporate social responsibility policies, strategies and programs of the company. Additional oversight of sustainability-related topics is overseen by other Board committees.

The sustainability function is executed by the Chief Sustainability Officer and Government Affairs (CSO) who reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is the management lead of the SCRC. The CSO oversees a global team located in more than 10 offices worldwide.


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Policies and Positions

We regularly update our progress against our commitments through reports and disclosures. Visit the Policies and Reports page to see our latest publications, dashboards and scores.

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Ethics and Compliance

We encourage our employees – and anyone else – to report any concerns or complaints about any of Bunge’s activities, anonymously and confidentially, to our ethics and compliance helpline or website.

Meet Our People

Elgeo Harris

Elgeo Harris

Senior Manager, Government Affairs
Washington D.C.
Joined Bunge in 2020