Risk Management

Risk management is a fundamental aspect of our business. We maintain an enterprise risk management program that is designed to support the achievement of our strategic objectives and enhance shareholder value.

We also offer various financial services, principally trade structured finance and financial risk management services, to customers and other third parties.

  • Our trade structured finance operations primarily leverage our international trade flows to generate trade finance derived liquidity in emerging markets for third parties.
  • Our financial risk management services include structuring and marketing risk management products to enable agricultural producers and end users of commodities to manage commodity price risk exposures. We also engage in foreign exchange and other financial instrument trading via our financial services business.
  • We provide financing services to farmers, primarily in Brazil, from whom we purchase soybeans and other agricultural commodities. Our farmer financing activities are an integral part of our grain and oilseed origination activities as they help assure the annual supply of raw materials for our Brazilian agribusiness operations.