Bunge’s oils, fats, lecithins and plant protein solutions are leading the way in sustainable, reliable and cost-effective milk fat replacement across the dairy industry.

For food manufacturers looking for an ideal balance between performance, flavor, texture, and nutrition, we have a comprehensive range of ingredient solutions for a wide range of dairy applications.

Whatever you’re making: milk powder, creamers, cheese analogues, ice cream and more, we have got you covered!

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Cheese Analogues

Our plant-based fats and proteins are easy to process and give your cheese analogues a similar texture and flavor release.

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Ice Cream

Our ice cream mass and coating fats achieve a smooth texture, a good flavor release and excellent melting properties.

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Spreads & Butter Blends

Achieve stable emulsions with a broad range of features that include spreadability, mouthfeel and much more.

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Milk Powder & Creamers

Achieve a crisp white color, easy powdering, good solubility and a neutral taste.

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Our non-dairy alternatives for toppings offer better functional properties and stability compared to dairy fats.

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