Animal Feed and Premium Pet Food

We are committed to providing our customers with quality ingredients for animal feed and pet food. Our processed oils, lecithins and grains are used to manufacture nutrient-rich animal feed for poultry, pigs, cattle, aquaculture and animal nutrition for domestic pets. Also, our human-grade soy protein concentrate which is highly digestible, complete in all essential amino acids, and made from soy that is sourced from farmers we know, is now available to help you meet needs across dry and wet pet food and treats.

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Pet Food

We take pride to source high-quality grains, proteins and oils and fats to provide pet food manufacturers with the best ingredients.

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feeding cows

Our range of products offers nutrition and energy for the ruminant diet. Designed to increase milk production, boost vitality and improve profitability.

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Chickens eating food

Explore a wide variety of ingredients for vital and healthy growing broilers and energetic hens laying stable and high-quality eggs.

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We combine our expertise in fats, oils, lecithins and proteins with our knowledge in animal nutrition to optimize the production of meat.

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feeding calf

Our ingredients are tailored to foster vital, healthy calves.

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School of fish

Our ingredients combined with your recipe will optimize fish vitality, healthy growth and production.

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