Hitting the Sweet Spot

Indulgence is at the heart of all things confectionery, from chocolates and truffles to filled snack cakes and spreads. While indulgence remains the fundamental driver of growth in this segment, expectations for sustainability and healthier choices continue to rise. Hitting the sweet spot across these benefits will accelerate your innovations and help you stand out in the market.





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Smooth texture

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Stable Products

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Great mouthfeel

Versatile Sensory Experiences

Whether you want to make coated bars that snap, truffles with luxurious melt or creamy spreads, we can help. Our experts are equipped with over a century of deep confectionery knowledge.  They know exactly how to tweak and tune lipids, lecithins and proteins to deliver that great mouthfeel, cool melting sensory experience and smooth texture your consumers are looking for.

What's more, our team is ready to create specific solutions together with you to solve your toughest application challenges. Whether in your production facility or in our Innovation Centers  around the globe, we help you accelerate your development process to create innovative indulgent products that can reposition or extend your brand.

Our ingredient offering ranges from fats and lecithins that improve sensory experience and production process to plant-based proteins to fortify your sports bars. We also offer organic options for several products.

Award Winning Ingredients
We are the inventor of Cocoa Butter Equivalents, or CBEs. Our 2021 award-winning Coberine Shea is 100% shea based.
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Variety of pralines and coated chocolates
Coatings & Compounds

Create coatings with exceptional mouthfeel across a range of textures, from soft and flexible to soft and snappy.

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Pieces of filled chocolate

For clean melting luscious fillings that deliver decadence with excellent flavor release and an indulgent eating experience.

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Variety of soft and hard candies and sweets
Candy & Sweets

Create candy, gum, caramels and toffees with a range of textures that provide clean taste, longer lasting quality and a well-balanced flavor release.

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Sandwich with chocolate spread

Create spreads that deliver a luxurious experience with a creamy mouthfeel and smooth texture.

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stack of chocolate countlines

We offer all ingredients for a great countline; from proteins for bite and nutritional value to versatile filling fats that deliver creamy texture.

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Chocolatier filling chocolate molds
Confectionery Aids

Create better confectionery products by reducing viscosity, delaying bloom, quick and easy mold release, improving crystallization, and more.

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Our Organic Portfolio

In Europe, we offer a reliable and scalable supply of certified organic oils, fats and lecithins ranging from sunflower, rapeseed and soy to palm, shea and coconut. We drive progress through partnership with you by combining our extensive lipids expertise and your specific knowledge to co-create products that unlock the sensory excitement of your organic portfolio.

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