Improving Diets for all Stages of Life

We offer premium infant and adult nutrition ingredients that optimize metabolism and maximize physical performance. Oils and fats and proteins play a vital part in healthy infant and adult diets. While science constantly grows our understanding of the role of these ingredients in nutrition and health, informed consumers increasingly look for an improved nutritional profile and tastier choices. We are committed to bringing together consumer demand and science to improve diets across all stages of life.





Inventor of OPO
And honored with the Fi2019 award for our next-gen OPO Betapol Plus. Designed to match mother's milk fat more closely.
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Lipids, an Essential Source of Energy

Lipids are a core ingredient in healthy diets and an essential source of energy. The right nutritional balance can only be achieved through a careful selection of oil and fat ingredients. Our portfolio includes oils from multiple plant sources, nutritional lipids and specialty ingredients to support balanced diets.

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Infant Nutrition for the Best Start in Life

Our fats and oils are essential components for creating infant formula products and offer the highest levels of nutrition, safety and quality.

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Proteins for Infant, Toddler & Kid Meals

Our plant-based proteins derived from beans and pulses serve as nutritious ingredients. Excellent for meals for infants, toddlers and young children.

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Sports Nutrition & Active Aging

Our portfolio includes NuliGo, an ingredient that supports muscle building, maintenance, and recovery in sports nutrition and active aging. Serving different markets, from elite athletes to sarcopenia patients.

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Our Organic Portfolio

In Europe, we offer a reliable and scalable supply of certified organic oils, fats and lecithins ranging from sunflower, rapeseed and soy to palm, shea and coconut. We drive progress through partnership with you by combining our extensive lipids expertise and your specific knowledge to co-create products that unlock the sensory excitement of your organic portfolio.

Our Nutrition Brands

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Go further, faster and longer with NuliGo nutritional lipids; innovative functional ingredients that deliver energy directly to muscles. Ideal for the sports nutrition and active aging categories
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Our premium infant lipid solution that mimics the fat composition and unique OPO fat structure of mother’s milk. The first EU Organic and China Organic Standard certified OPO for infant milk formula.
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Betapol® Plus

Our premium infant lipid solution designed to match mothers’ milk fat more closely, by combining the benefits of OPO with the highest OPO/SN-2 palmitate levels available on the market. Organic options available.
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Betapol® Select

Our premium infant lipid solution that closely mimics the natural balance of Chinese mother's milk fat.
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Our complete range of oils and custom blends for regular infant milk formula.
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Our protein isolates provide smooth textures, exceptional mouthfeel and a range of protein levels for nutritional products, from high-protein sports drinks to meal replacements.

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