Whether you are producing patties, kebabs, whole muscle, sausages or meatballs, our portfolio is equipped to serve your needs.  We provide meat processing companies with high-quality ingredients for enhancing the sensory experience of processed meat products. 

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Lecithins & Fats

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Our pulse proteins, flours, lecithins and fats bring functional properties that optimize the taste and texture of your meat offerings. And our meat extenders minimize formulation costs and maximize production yield, while providing formulation opportunities for healthier and more sustainable meat products. Our scalable supply of ingredients enables us to meet any demand for your growing business. 

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Ground Meat

Our protein concentrates and corn flours are great for extending and binding meat products while delivering exceptional texture and taste and optimizing production costs.

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Whole Muscle

Our protein isolates are excellent for meat injection. They provide various functionalities that help maximize cook yields and create delicious food.

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