The benefits from protein-enriched foods are recognized in an increasing number of applications. Ranging from sport drinks and medical foods to diet shakes and smoothies, our ingredients fortify our customers' recipes and the consumers’ energy levels, thanks to their clean taste, neutral color and nutritional value.

Brewers Grits

Milled corn plays a crucial role in the beer brewing process, providing flavor, color, enzymes, foam stability and nutritional value. The selection and use of specific grains are important factors in creating a beer with a desired taste, aroma and appearance. Contact our experts to select the brewers grits that will work in your recipe.

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The right ingredients for your drinks

We offer lecithins from plant-based sources: rapeseed, soybean and sunflower in both powdered and liquid format. Bring in our experts to advise the right lecithin to instantize your powdered drink recipe into an easy-to-mix drink.

Our soy, faba, pea, mung and lentil proteins are excellent for protein enrichment. They deliver powerful sensory benefits - smooth texture, exceptional mouthfeel and clean taste. Such benefits stem from our use of the highest quality crops and specialized production techniques to maximize our proteins’ structure and function. All corners are covered; we understand how to balance sensory and product performance with sustainability and clean label products while maintaining premium quality and optimal nutrition. Our beverage experts can assist in formulating to a protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) up to 100%!


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Creating beers with the desired taste, aroma and appearance

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Creating the perfect smoothie

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Plant-based Drinks

Enrich your plant-based drinks

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Dry-blended Drinks

Creating a perfect easy-to-mix drink

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Ready- to- Drink

High quality ingredients for your ready-to-drink offer

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