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Say Hello to NuliGo

The revolutionary new science-based way to give muscles exactly what they need, when they need it.

A Nutritional Gamechanger

NuliGo nutritional lipids are innovative functional ingredients that deliver energy directly to muscles. Ideal for the sports nutrition and active aging categories, NuliGo lipids support:

  • Muscle health
  • Muscle building
  • Muscle maintenance
  • Muscle recovery
How it Works

NuliGo nutritional lipids provide energy in a completely unique way by going, via the circulation, straight to muscles. In the muscle, NuliGo’s balanced energy supply spares amino acids for protein synthesis. Better protein synthesis with less protein degradation means stronger muscles for longer.

  • Clean taste
  • Easy dispersal
  • No effect on
    texture or color
  • Available in both oil
    and powder format

The Ingredient Consumers Have Been Waiting For

Consumers are excited about all that NuliGo can deliver for them. They tell us that they consider it "a fresh take on supplements.” They like the way it “covers so many issues.” They see the benefits as “unique” and “amazing” and call the approach of direct-to-muscle energy delivery "a great idea.

Mathieu van der Poel is Thriving on NuliGo

NuliGo is the active ingredient in 4Gold's LiFT. This product is designed for athletes who need rapid energy during their athletic performance. Mathieu used the product during the 2023 Tour de France and while winning the 2023 world championship cycling. Find out more about LiFT here.

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