Key Commodities

Bunge integrates a strong focus on governance, accountability and efforts to support sustainability across all value chains, linking all stakeholders in one mission: Creating positive environmental and social impact everywhere we operate.


soybean pods

Our Grains & Oilseeds Commitment reflects our sustainable approach to value chains for major commodities such as soy. As a leading company oilseed processor, we work to ensure a sustainable supply of this product.

Close up of blooming canola crops

We source our canola seeds from Austria, Canada, Germany, Hungary, the US and Poland.

corn stalk

We source our corn for domestic use and international export from farmers across the Americas.

Wheat crops

Bunge has built strong relationships with farmers to originate and offer multiple classes of wheat, especially in North and South America.

palm seeds

We are committed to sourcing and processing traceable and certified sustainable palm oil. We believe that palm oil and palm kernel oil must be produced in a sustainable manner and has a positive social impact.

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Shea nut being spooned out of pot

Shea butter comes from a nut and is a naturally grown crop that grows in the West African Savannah park lands. More fondly known as the ‘tree of life,’ the shea tree has profound impact on many lives.

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Close up of blooming sunflowers

We source our sunflower seeds in Europe from Ukraine and Hungary.

close up of person's hands slicing a coconut with knife

We source coconut oil from the Philippines and Indonesia, predominantly from Mindanao (PH) and North Sulawesi (ID).

olives on a branch

Bunge sources olives from Turkey for edible oil purposes.