Complete range of oils and custom blends for multiple nutrition applications

Bunge is one of the few companies that combines quality blending with breadth and global scale. Our customers can therefore liaise with a single partner of choice instead of multiple providers for good, reliable, and trustworthy supply of lipid solutions.


We offer a full range of oils available in different regions for customers to blend in-house: We are continuously adding organic options to our portfolio. Ask your contact which options are available for your region.


  • Sunflower
  • Low-erucic canola
  • High oleic sunflower
  • Palm oil
  • Palm olein
  • Palm kernel
  • Coconut


  • Soy (GM/non-GM)
  • Corn (GM/non-GM)
  • Canola (GM/non-GM)Palm olein
  • High oleic canola (GM3)
Safeguarding quality from seed to customer

Over the years, we have taken increasing control over every aspect of our supply chain - from seed to customer. Our focus on quality and safety covers all areas of our company.

We work relentlessly to optimize each aspect of our operations, from our analytical capabilities to our contaminant control and engineering solutions. To protect your valuable brands, we keep to the highest quality and food safety standards, aiming to meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Global scale
  • Full range of oils
  • Trustworthy supply
  • Solid partner
  • Organic options available

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