Transportation & Logistics

We have developed an extensive global logistics network to transport our products, including trucks, railcars, river barges and ocean freight vessels.

Typically, we either lease the transportation assets or contract with third parties for these services. To better serve our customer base and develop our global distribution and logistics capabilities, we own or operate either directly or through joint venture arrangements, various port terminal facilities, including in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Latvia, Poland, the United States, Ukraine and Vietnam.



Sustainable Shipping

Bunge is a member of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), a multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together like-minded and leading organizations with shared goals and equal determination in improving the sustainability of the shipping industry in terms of social, environmental and economic impacts.  As part of the SSI, Bunge is the first in our industry to join the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI).

In 2020, Bunge also became a signatory of the Sea Cargo Charter to provide a global framework for aligning chartering activities with responsible environmental behavior to promote international shipping’s decarbonization. The Sea Cargo Charter is consistent with the policies and ambitions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), including its ambition for GHG emissions to peak as soon as possible and to reduce shipping's total annual GHG emissions by at least 50% by 2050.

Digital Solutions

Bunge is leading a digital transformation movement in its core business. To optimize the time of its transportation partners, the company developed Vector, a new enterprise focused on digitizing truck freight hiring and other services in Brazil.

Vector can help increase drivers’ productivity by mapping logistics flows and process integration to finding synergies that reduce idle time for them while reducing logistics costs for companies. Vector’s platform is the only tool of its kind that integrates with the shipper’s operating system, communicating with the loading and unloading locations.