Our presence in the Netherlands

We connect farmers, to consumers to deliver essential food, feed and fuel to the world.

In the Netherlands, we are a key actor in the food and feed industry, with head office operations in Zaandam. We are a leading producer and distributor of soybean and rapeseed meal, and we provide crude and refined vegetable oils and fats from our two facilities in Amsterdam and Wormerveer, to key companies in the food, bakery and confectionary industry.

We also have an important role to play in using our crop infrastructure and in providing vegetable crude oil to help fuel renewable energy solutions.  Learn more under the Markets we Serve section.


Our oilseeds and tropical oils








We operate in the Netherlands as an oilseeds' processor, a leading producer of plant-based lipids and a distributor of meal, vegetable oils and specialty fats for the supply of products that are used in the food, feed and renewable feedstock industries.

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Our meal is used to manufacture nutrient-rich animal feed for poultry, pigs, cattle, aquaculture and animal nutrition for domestic pets.

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Vegetable Oil

Our crude and refined vegetable oils can be used in the food industry and as feedstock for the biofuels industry.

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Specialty plant-based oils & fats

Indispensable ingredients that shape taste, nutrition and culinary experience.

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For our Partners

As a leader in the global food production chain, we work to continuously improve our integrated operations to create the highest possible level of quality, food and feed safety. In the Netherlands, we run our operations at our crushing and refinery facility located in the Port of Amsterdam, and our refinery facility in Wormerveer.

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J.P.G. Bunge founded Bunge & Co. in Amsterdam over 200 years ago. Bunge’s Head Quarters at the time were located at the corner of Spuistraat and Paleisstraat. This monumental building is still popularly known as the “Bungehuis”.

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Office - Bunge

Provincialeweg 33, 1506 MA Zaandam

Amsterdam Crushing and Refining Facility

Coenhavenweg 1, 1013 BK Amsterdam

Wormerveer Refinery

Hogeweg 1, 1521 AZ Wormerveer

Rotterdam Refinery

Antarcticaweg 191, 3199 KA Rotterdam
Refinery in Wormerveer, The Netherlands