Icings & Fillings

For luscious fillings and icings for chocolates, cookies, cakes, donuts and pies, we offer a comprehensive range of specialty fats that meet all your requirements in terms of indulgent eating experience, production and cost.

Icings & Fillings

Whether you want to make a luxurious white buttercream, light filling, or simple-to-spread bucket icing, we can help. Our filling and icing shortenings are easy to use, producing smooth, stable icings with excellent aeration and quick setting.

Individual fats offer different properties that help you maximize the sensory impact of your bakery product while lecithin facilitates your production process. With options that promote a longer-lasting consistent texture, we can help enhance shelf life and eating experiences. And if you want a good balance between performance and price, we also offer a versatile, low-cost fat that delivers a rich, creamy, long-lasting flavor.

In cookies, our filling fats prevent overflowing during handling or when bitten. The fillings adhere to the cookies properly, preventing splitting and de-capping during production or storage. What's more, our fats enable quick melting in the mouth, releasing flavors that deliver satisfying eating sensations without a waxy after taste.

To create toppings that look and taste wonderful, we offer dairy fat alternatives that deliver a good overrun and fresh flavor. At ambient storage temperature, these fats bring better stability and structure compared to dairy fat. The result is an appealing experience all the way to the customer’s plate.

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