Cookies & Biscuits

Create light and flaky homestyle biscuits or all types of cookies from crispy to chewy

Cookies & Biscuits

Create doughfuls of joy! Whether you’re making chewy chocolate chip cookies, crispy ginger snap biscuits or crème filled sandwiches, we can help. Our fats offer faster, easier dough handling at low cost while offering the same sensory properties that consumers love. In rotary molded cookies they make dough more plastic and workable. What’s more, they produce an open cookie structure with good air incorporation and a stronger network to support the incorporated air.

With the help of Bungemaxx lecithins, our fats are the ideal solution for producing the desired eating characteristics, with optimal handling and processing during production. In some cases, they deliver flavor release that’s even better than butter.

We can also help you maximize flakiness with a range of shortening flakes, with the option to also deliver cinnamon sugar sweetness as well.

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