Lecithin for Plant-based Foods

Our lecithins for plant-based foods deliver both functional and processing properties, ranging from homogenization of ingredients to un-sticking your products.

Our lecithin brings it all together

Consumers moving from animal-based to plant-based products ask for similar sensory appeal and mouthfeel like they were used to experience before. Product developers looking for plant-based ingredients and knowledge to improve their recipes came to the right place, because our experts discover more and more benefits that lecithin brings to the rapidly developing market of plant-based products.

Our lecithins are available from different botanical sources to match your needs. And the applications that are served with our wide range of products vary widely:

  • Dairy alternatives; milk, ice cream, cheese
  • Meat replacers; burgers, sausages, patties and cold cuts
  • Egg replacer
  • Creamers and toppings
  • Spreads and fillings
  • Instant products; proteins, soups, smoothies and beverages
  • Snacks and extruded snacks
The functionality of our lecithins include:
  • Effective release
  • Non-stick barrier
  • Enhanced dispersability
  • Consistent mixing
  • Even blending
  • Stabilizing emulsions
  • Instantizing powders
  • Enhancing sensory experience

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