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When Johann Bunge founded a trading company in Amsterdam in 1818, did he imagine it would still be thriving two centuries later?

Bunge began as an import-export business in a single city. Starting with Johann’s grandsons, Edouard and Ernest, the family expanded his vision through generations and across oceans. In 1884, together with the Born family, it launched a grain trading company in the burgeoning agribusiness market of Argentina.

In 1905 the company expanded to Brazil and in 1918 to North America, the world’s largest agricultural market.

Asia and Europe followed, as Bunge steadily established itself in the world’s great crop-growing regions, while staying close to the customers it served. We continue to follow this path today.

The Bunge and Born families no longer manage the business, but we honor their achievements and remain true to their commitment to building a winning global footprint. What’s more, we encourage our employees to embody the families’ entrepreneurial spirit that has enabled Bunge to grow and to prosper for almost 200 years.


From its origins in the European trading centers of Amsterdam and Antwerp, Bunge has always looked far and wide for the right partners and customers. By the early 20th century we had crossed the Atlantic to Argentina and Brazil. Bunge soon became truly global, taking advantage of different growing seasons and fast-developing consumer markets. Throughout this period, we continued to focus on achieving the right balance between our core activities in agribusiness and food and ingredients.

We consistently created value by serving customers better, improving our processes and making steady progress towards becoming the world’s best agrifood company.

Bunge moved headquarters from Sao Paulo to New York in 1998. Since going public, we have expanded to India, China, the Pacific Northwest, Vietnam and Australia. We continue to seek out opportunities around the world that will strengthen our winning footprint and achieve the right balance in both business type and capital allocation.



For almost two centuries, Bunge has expanded its focus, but at heart it remains a business built on transporting and adding value to agricultural commodities. From wheat exports to soybean crushing, from edible oil production to fertilizer sales, we have established a global infrastructure to support our winning footprint. This includes grain elevators, port terminals, grain mills, oilseed crushing facilities and refineries, sugarcane mills and innovation centers. They are complemented by a global network of trading and marketing offices.

These assets enable us to expand into markets where growth is high and where we can optimize the value chain.

They give us huge opportunities, where we have the same customers, channels, value drivers, logistics and risk management opportunities. Along with our multicultural, multi-talented team, they make us both a global and a local company.