Sep 19, 2017 Encourages Sustainable Agricultural Expansion in Cerrado

Bunge, The Nature Conservancy and a coalition of over 15 other companies, NGOs and government entities have launched, a decision support tool that facilitates the sustainable expansion of soy production in South America.

An open source tool with a user friendly interface, enables users to create custom scenarios by integrating over 25 different data layers, including environmental, economic and social indicators, to identify, at different scales, lands suitable for agriculture. The tool currently covers all of the Brazilian Cerrado. Updates planned for later this year will expand coverage to the Argentinian and Paraguayan Chaco.

With, users can direct sourcing, planting or investment strategies to areas that meet environmental pledges regarding the sustainable expansion of soybean production, reduce impacts and maximize agricultural and economic potential.

Bunge is currently utilizing Agroideal to explore sourcing scenarios for 2018 and beyond.