Locations: North America

North America is a major exporter of agricultural products and a significant manufacturer of food ingredients, animal feed and biofuels products.


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In North America, Bunge is a major originator and exporter of oilseeds, grains and related byproducts like soybean meal and oil.  We also supply some of the region's best-known food processors and food service companies with oils, shortenings, and milled corn, wheat and rice products.  If you have eaten at a restaurant or bought a box of cereal in North America, you have probably enjoyed one of our products.


Bunge is a leading domestic supplier and exporter.  We process canola and soybeans and produce value-added products at facilities through the country, and export grains through our port terminal in Quebec.


Bunge's growing presence in Mexico includes originating and exporting wheat, operating the country's largest wheat flour mill and importing soybean meal and other products to serve domestic markets.

United States

Bunge is a major oilseed processor in the United States, providing protein meal for the livestock industry and edible oils for food service companies and food processors.  We also export grains, oilseeds and related byproducts, mill corn and rice, and invest in biofuels facilities.