Quality and Food Safety

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Quality and Food Safety

We are dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of consumers by delivering safe and high-quality products to our customers around the globe.

Our teams are constantly looking for ways to bring our innovative portfolio of products to those who need it the most. Contributing to the growth of a safer food system is an important part of our business.

Bunge is committed to continuously improve our integrated operations to provide the highest level of quality and safety for food and animal feed, bringing together consumer demands and science to meet customer needs. That’s why we invest in people and assets – including our world-class research and development facilities – to produce quality products that meet or exceed global regulatory and safety requirements.

Quality and Food Safety (QFS) is a foundational pillar of how Bunge operates across the globe. All employees have a responsibility to ensure everyone along our value chains follows safe food practices. We leverage comprehensive Quality and Food Safety Management Systems that incorporate standardized policies to help us achieve our overall mission.

Our QFS principles:

  • We ensure that our performance meets or exceeds global certifications schemes and agreements, as well as regulatory requirements and product certification standards.
  • We follow all elements of the Quality and Food Safety Management System that incorporates standardized policies to ensure the production of safe and quality food.
  • We develop upon and support a food safety culture where employees are engaged and held accountable for their quality and food safety responsibilities.
  • We maintain key performance indicator metrics to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Our organization is structured so that there is no conflict of interest between the production of safe and quality food products and operational requirements.
  • We continually build our team’s skills through training and personal development and ensure all employees understand their role in producing safe and quality food.
  • Our suppliers are aware of and adhere to our high standards for quality and food safety.


Our commitments to Safety, Health and Quality Food Safety starts at our leadership and are reflected in corporate policies: