Bunge's Ukraine Response

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As the senseless violence continues to escalate in Ukraine, our hearts go out to everyone whose lives have been impacted by this terrible war. As we watch events unfold, it is heartbreaking to see this conflict devastating colleagues, their families and the people of Ukraine. The safety and well-being of our team is our primary focus and we are doing our best to stay connected to them and to provide resources to support them.  

As we previously shared, Bunge is supporting humanitarian emergency aid efforts by donating a million dollars in bottled oil and wheat to organizations in Ukraine and by contributing a combined million dollars to Vostok-SOS and the World Food Programme.  In addition, to amplify our impact, we are matching financial contributions employees make to the World Food Programme. Our employees in countries that neighbor Ukraine are also generously volunteering to assist displaced colleagues and their families by offering temporary shelter, helping find healthcare, community services, schools for children, as well as providing food, clothing and more. The combination of Company and employee commitment to the support and care for our team and the people of Ukraine is a demonstration of Bunge’s values in action. 

It is during moments of great challenge that we fully understand the essential role Bunge plays in our global food system. As a global leader in the food supply chain, we believe we have the responsibility to continue connecting farmers to consumers, delivering essential food to communities around the world in a safe and sustainable way. 

With that in mind, we are doing what we can to prevent the humanitarian crisis resulting from this war from becoming a hunger crisis as well.  Russia and Ukraine play an important part in the global supply of many agricultural commodities. That’s why, for now, we operate in Russia in compliance with all legal sanctions and we have stopped all investment and non-essential activity in the country.  

As we all face what will surely be additional challenges ahead, our focus will be on the safety of our employees and in doing our part to provide essential food for all.