General Standard Disclosure

  • Strategy & Analysis
    GRI G4 1 CEO Letter CEO Letter
    GRI G4 2 Key impacts, risks, and opportunities Energy Use, Emissions and Climate; About Us
  • Organizational Profile
    GRI G4 3 Organization name Bunge Limited
    GRI G4 4 Primary brands, products, and services About Us; Our Business; Food & Ingredients; UN SDG 2
    GRI G4 5 Headquarters location White Plains, New York, USA
    GRI G4 6 Where the organization operates About Us; Diversity & Inclusion
    GRI G4 7 Nature of ownership and legal form Limited Liability Company formed under the laws of Bermuda. We are registered with the Registrar of Companies in Bermuda under registration number EC20791. The company is registered at New York Stock Exchange as BG.
    GRI G4 8 Markets served About Us
    GRI G4 9 Scale of the organization Diversity & Inclusion; Production Standards
    GRI G4 10 Total number of employees by type About Us
    GRI G4 11 Collective bargaining agreements Labor & Human Rights
    GRI G4 12 Supply chain description Our Business; Production Standards; Food Security; Palm Oil; Supply Chain; UN SDG 2
    GRI G4 13 Organizational changes during the reporting period 10-K; Supply Chain
    GRI G4 14 Precautionary principle In Canadian agribusiness, we formed a joint venture, G3 Global Grain Group ("G3") to expand our Canadian grain business. In our Food & Ingredients businesses, we completed the acquisitions of Moinho Pacifico, a leading wheat flour miller in Brazil; Whole Harvest Foods, a U.S. refiner and packager of cooking oils; and Healthland Harvest, a U.S. producer of die–cut pellets made from a variety of starches used to make products for the snack food industry.
    GRI G4 15 External charters, principles, or other initiatives Transparency; Compliance; UN SDG 17
    GRI G4 16 Membership associations Member Organizations
  • Material Aspects & Boundaries
    GRI G4 17 Entities included in financial statements This report consolidates information from our subsidiary companies. All information is in our full financial report at
    GRI G4 18 Process for defining report boundaries and content Public Reporting
    GRI G4 19 All material aspects identified Materiality
    GRI G4 20 Descriptions of material aspect boundaries within the organization Materiality
    GRI G4 21 Descriptions of material aspect boundaries outside the organization Materiality
    GRI G4 22 Restatements Not applicable
    GRI G4 23 Changes from previous reports in terms of scope and/or boundaries Not applicable
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    GRI G4 24 Stakeholder groups Global Sustainability Council
    GRI G4 25 Basis for identification of stakeholders Stakeholder Engagement; Government Relationships
    GRI G4 26 Approach to stakeholder engagement Stakeholder Engagement; Government Relationships
  • Report Profile
    GRI G4 27 Key topics and concerns raised via stakeholder engagement Sustainability Reports; Stakeholder Engagement; Materiality; UN SDG 17
    GRI G4 28 Reporting period This report encompasses the period of January 1, 2015 up to December 31, 2015. Relevant developments in sustainability until the month of May 2016 may be included to promote an updated disclosure.
    GRI G4 29 Date of most recent report September 15, 2015
    GRI G4 30 Reporting cycle Bunge considers that the reporting cycle according to GRI standards will be annual.
    GRI G4 31 Report contact Any questions or comments about this report may be addressed to: [email protected]
    GRI G4 32 "In accordance" option, GRI Index and report assurance The company has chosen the "In accordance — Core" option for this reporting period of time. No third–party verification.
    GRI G4 33 External assurances For the current report, the Company decided not to seek external assurance, considering the complexity of a first–year reporting exercise in the Core option of GRI guidelines and operations in different countries. For the next period, this option will be assessed, considering stakeholders' feedback on the topic.
  • Governance
    GRI G4 34 Governance structure of the organization Ethics; Governance
    GRI G4 35 Delegating authority for economic, environmental and social topics Governance
    GRI G4 36 High-level accountability for sustainability topics Governance
    GRI G4 38 Composition of highest govenrance body and its committee Global Sustainability Council
    GRI G4 49 Process for communicating critical concerns to the board Governance
  • Ethics & Integrity
    GRI G4 56 Code of conduct Ethics
    GRI G4 57 Helplines or advice lines for employees Ethics
    GRI G4 58 Mechanisms for reporting concerns about unethical or unlawful behavior Ethics

Specific Standard Disclosures