We prioritize the safety of our global workforce above profit and production. We also support diversity and employee development, engage with our stakeholders, support local communities, and work to protect labor and human rights throughout our value chain.

We are nearly 33,000 strong across 40+ countries.

We engage in best practices to attract a richly diverse workforce and aim to include all voices in our operations. Our extensive employee-training offerings are an investment in our workforce and the future of our business.

We engage in best practices to attract a richly diverse workforce and aim to include all voices in our operations.

Diversity & Inclusion

With nearly 33,000 employees across more than 40 countries, diversity and inclusion are valued at Bunge.

We are committed to supporting our diverse workforce and to boosting diversity within our operations. We strive to cast a wide net so that our global workforce will be reflective of our broad customer base and so that a diversity of thought is represented across our operations. We also review policies and practices to ensure that none inadvertently undermines diversity.

40+ countries in which we operate

We take proactive measures to increase employees’ participation and inclusion once they are a part of Bunge, and examine policies and rules, both written and unwritten, to assess whether any are excluding participation in any way. We also examine comments received on our Ethics & Compliance hotline and website and through our employee engagement survey to gauge employees’ sense of inclusion. To support diversity of professional viewpoints, we also aim for cross-functional representation on our internal teams.

EOP Headcount
Male Female Total
Total Percent Total Percent
All Operating Companies 26,722 81.5% 6,050 18.5% 32,772
Bunge Asia 2,008 81.5% 456 18.5% 2,464
Bunge Brazil 15,334 86.2% 2,454 13.8% 17,778
Bunge Europe, Middle East, Africa 4,008 68.4% 1,848 31.6% 5,856
Bunge Management Services, Inc. 138 64.8% 75 35.2% 213
Bunge North America 3,143 77.7% 901 22.3% 4,047
Bunge Product Lines 204 69.6% 89 30.4% 293
Bunge Southern Cone 1,884 89.2% 227 10.8% 2,111
Average Workforce Tenure
All Genders Male Female
All Ages 7 7.1 6.7
<20 1.1 1.2 0.8
20–29 3 3.1 2.6
30–39 5.4 5.4 5.2
40–49 8.4 8.4 8.2
50–59 13.4 13 15.3
60+ 17 16.9 17.7
Turnover Rate
Male Female
All Operating
Companies (by level)
A 23.9% N/A
B 7.7% 0.0%
C 8.1% 11.2%
D 11.4% 9.5%
E 11.6% 11.7%
F 10.5% 12.6%
G+ 5.2% 9.2%

Employee Training

Bunge employees participate in a suite of required trainings, and can choose from an array of optional offerings throughout the calendar year.

All new employees, up to the mid-management level, participate in a formal, face-to-face onboarding process. And all employees participate in mandatory and annual Code of Conduct and multi-level Safety training.

In addition, we offer our employees robust skills-training resources as well as field-based certification programs that map to various job functions across Bunge. Our strength in employee skill development is something we are proud of and will continue to support and enhance going forward.

To align our business and global workforce with the approaching “gig economy,” including an ongoing digitalization of our industry’s processes, we are beginning to plan for how we can retool and retrain our employees.