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Public Reports

Bunge publishes a variety of reports that provide insight into our operations and material issues and impacts.

They include global and regional GRI reports, as well as submissions to CDP, UN Global Compact and certification bodies.  Follow the below links to access full copies of our latest information:

2016 Global Sustainability Report

CDP Reports (Climate, Water & Forests)

UN Global Compact COP

Brazil Regional Report

Argentina Regional Report

North America Regional Report



We are committed to being responsible corporate citizens. This means creating maximum value while having minimum impact on the environment.

We live by four clear principles:

  • We contribute to the economic and social development of the communities where we work.
  • We aim for good environmental performance by adopting and promoting proven, culturally sensitive and pragmatic best practices.
  • We partner with others to promote and apply sustainable practices.
  • We communicate openly.

To achieve our goals, we have established a robust governance structure throughout the business. Our board-level sustainability and corporate responsibility committee is our highest governance body. It oversees the development of relevant corporate social responsibility policies, strategies and programs, including performance goals, risk management and disclosure. The complete text of the Committee’s charter can be found here.

At an executive level, sustainability is led by the vice president, global corporate affairs, who reports directly to our CEO.  The global sustainability council, made up of public affairs, operational and commercial specialists from around the world, monitors issues, conducts programs and stakeholder engagement and makes strategic recommendations to management. Safety and environmental performance in Bunge facilities is handled by the global productivity, quality, safety and environment group.

Follow the below links to access full copies of our latest policies:

Environmental Policy

Global Safety & Health Policy

Labor Policy

Land Use and Biodiversity Policy

Non-Deforestation Policy

Palm Oil Sourcing Policy

Sustainability Policy