Global Safety & Health Policy

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Our Vision

Bunge is dedicated to achieving a zero-incident culture by integrating safety into all locations and businesses through a process of continuous improvement.  Our objective is to be a company with no work-related injuries or illnesses.

Our Commitment 

The prevention of fatalities and injuries of employees, contractors and visitors is the foundation of this policy.  All of our processes, products and services will meet, or exceed, all applicable safety and health regulations.

Our Principles

  • No work is so important or urgent that it cannot be performed safely.
  • We will not put profit or production ahead of safety and health. 
  • We will act swiftly to eliminate or control all high-potential exposures.
  • We will be guided by the Bunge Global Safety Management System.
  • Safety performance is a key indicator of operational excellence.
  • All work-related injuries, illnesses, unsafe conditions and risky behaviors are preventable.
  • We will promote off-the-job safety and wellness for our employees.
  • All personnel are responsible and accountable for their own safety and the safety of others.
  • All levels of management and supervision are accountable for demonstrating proactive safety leadership.