Jul 21, 2017

Bunge Bunbury Exports First Shipment of Rapeseed

Bunge’s Bunbury port in Western Australia exported its first batch of rapeseed to crush plants in Europe for edible oil and fuel production.

The 45,000 metric ton shipment of rapeseed is a new addition to the Bunbury port, which has exported a combined 700,000 metric tons of wheat and barley to customers in Asia and the Middle East since opening in 2014.

This shipment from Australia to Europe represents the strength of Bunge's value chain and our logistical efficiency. From the purchase of the rapeseed from local farmers during harvest, the storage of the rapeseed in Bunge's storage sites between growing regions and the port, to transportation and export, Bunge’s footprint is present every step of the way. 

With a high oil content of about 47% and a low moisture content of about 6%, the exported rapeseed is ideal for producing edible oil. It is certified by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification, which means the rapeseed can also be used for fuel production in the European Union.

Rapeseed is one of the main crops grown in Australia, along with wheat, oats, barley and sorghum, and about 60% of these grains are exported. Europe and China are the primary destinations for rapeseed and Southeast Asia and the Middle East are the major destinations for wheat and barley.