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Employee name: 
Karen Carvalho

Global Innovation Project Manager, based in São Paulo, Brazil. Joined Bunge in 2007.
It’s so rewarding to see an idea go from concept to adoption.

It’s all about fermentation. I lead scientific projects that support Bunge’s fermentation processes in all our segments, especially sugar and bioenergy. I suppose I also help ferment ideas and bring them to completion.

My degree in chemical engineering is only the start. I need a wide range of skills and knowledge, from leadership to communication, from laboratory processes to intellectual property.

I love this job. We start at the beginning and it’s so rewarding to see a new idea go from concept to pilot to widespread adoption.

Every day I have to keep up with what’s going on in my field. I read research papers, news stories and technical data. I travel the world meeting innovative people in businesses, research labs and universities and develop partnerships with them.

Sometimes we leave it to the competition. Innovation is vital, but it’s all about viability. We need to be aware of where the market’s going and what’s worth investing in.

I’m a flamenco dancer. It’s a beautifully expressive style – strong and soft at the same time – but it’s difficult to learn to move your hands and feet in such different ways.

Employee name: 
Gildecio Fiel

Supply Chain Manager, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Joined Bunge in 2007.
We share ideas with no restriction or censorship.

I’m a civil engineer by training, but I’ve spent my whole career in logistics. You need vision and an understanding of all the processes in the business, from origination to trading to finance.

You learn something new every day. The work is always changing and you have to apply different skills, from statistics to budgeting, from communications to negotiation.

Open the door and keep it open. At Bunge we share ideas with no restriction or censorship. It creates a good atmosphere. We focus on results, but people are always observant and considerate. 

Planning is the best bit. I enjoy applying our team’s skills to the needs of the business and making things work for everyone.

Bunge is my home. We spend a lot of time here, so it’s important that people are committed and accessible.

São Paulo is a great place for families. I have teenage children and we’re always going out to the cinema, lunch or to discover new places.

Employee name: 
Anita Nouni

Junior Trader for Sub-Saharan Africa, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Joined Bunge in 2012.
People really do matter here.

I get involved in every aspect of a deal. I market our products in my region, initiate trades, talk to customers, find new opportunities. In short, I make things happen.

Sometimes you feel like a gladiator in a suit. You have to deal with so many things at the same time. New people and new challenges make it engrossing, but it isn’t easy. The job can be stressful, but somehow it’s always fun.

The people here are incredible. You read a lot of this kind of stuff on company websites, but people really do matter here. They are supportive, yet laid-back. Best of all, they’re open minded and will talk to anyone.

It feels like a family company. Bunge is a big organization, but everyone is within reach, even the CEOs.

When I was looking for a job I only sent one résumé. I was at university in France and wanted to work in commodities. I mailed the CEO of Bunge EMEA and within three days he replied! A month later Bunge contacted me again to offer me a management traineeship. It was so cool.

I love collecting people’s stories. When I travel I find people who have done interesting things and write their stories down.

Employee name: 
Don Wyss

Merchandising Manager, based in Decatur, Indiana, USA. Joined Bunge in 2003.
I wouldn’t trade the culture here for anywhere else.

I’m always busy. It’s my responsibility to originate soybeans for two Bunge facilities from producers, elevators and cooperatives. We process 130,000 bushels a day, working 24/7 except for two weeks’ shutdown for maintenance.

Skills are important but so is energy. Naturally you have to be a good people manager and leader, but it’s vital to stay engaged and productive. I work with a great team and we want every day to be a success.

I wouldn’t trade the culture here for anywhere else. It’s a special place to work and we’ve built the business over a long time. Above all, Bunge people are team players. They add value and know how to blend their skills to get the best results. 

Some of my colleagues have worked here for decades. That speaks for itself. You don’t last that long in this industry unless you’ve got lots of ideas and you’re a good listener.

Here in North Indiana you can really see the seasons change. I’ve been in agriculture my whole life and I love that sense of connection with the land.

I sing at weddings. After spending time with my family, it’s my favorite pastime. I’ve been doing it for a while, but I seem to be getting more and more requests.

Employee name: 
Silvana Sarú

Head of Production, based in Tancacha, Argentina. Joined Bunge in 2004.
My most important tool is an open door.

I started as an assistant and now I run the whole facility. I’m in charge of production at a soybean plant that processes 1,000 tons a day.

It’s an unusual job for a woman. In fact I was the first woman in Argentina to be in charge of production at a plant like this. At Bunge it doesn’t matter what race, religion or gender you are, as long as your work is good.

As a chemical engineer, I’ve had to learn lots of new skills. We have a multidisciplinary structure, so I have a wide range of responsibilities, including safety, quality, control, logistics and operations. I also have lots of client contact, so in a sense I’m a sales person too.

Today’s working culture is healthier than ever. It feels like a family here. People are sociable and communicative and we are always trying to find ways of improving how we work together.

I use lots of tools, but the most important one is an open door. We don’t leave anyone out. We want to hear what you’ve got to say.

Employee name: 
Abhijyoti Majumdar

Financial Controller for South East Asia, based in Singapore. Joined Bunge in 2009.
We don’t have to ask permission. We just do what needs doing.

My job is to bridge the gap between the real and commercial worlds. I have to make sure our financials are true and fair, explain our results to investors, structure our accounting processes to meet business needs and comply with regulatory requirements and make our financial operations run more smoothly.

The best part is working with our commercial team. This means I have to really understand the business and our P&L drivers.

Bunge’s culture is all about sharing and collaboration. We have a common goal and people are always willing to find ways to achieve it. Our open structure means knowledge flows through the company. 

We don’t have to ask permission. We just do what needs doing. It makes Bunge different, more dynamic and a more interesting place to work. You don’t always find the answer to a problem in structures and processes.

Bunge makes people Bunge people. I have colleagues who have worked here for 40 years. It’s surprising, but having the freedom to be ourselves makes us more cohesive.

I’m from Kolkata but my career has taken me around the world. Maybe that’s why I like Singapore – it’s a real melting pot of cultures.