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Every Bunge employee is essential; working together they are irreplaceable. Every day, in countless ways, we are making an important difference in our operations—so that Bunge can make a lasting difference to the world.



Food is fundamental.

Everyone, everywhere needs healthy meals to lead productive and prosperous lives. The global agrifood chain—the essential steps by which food is grown, transported, stored, processed, distributed and marketed around the world—sustains families, societies, economies and nations.

And that chain depends, in important ways, on the work we do every day at Bunge.

Bunge serves the world by connecting harvests to homes. Just as we have, in changing ways through changing times, for 200 years. It is our business to realize the tremendous potential within each grain and oilseed, and to unlock and increase that value at every step: through every shipment, every trade, every process improvement and product innovation.

We see our work as a huge opportunity and an important responsibility, a proud heritage and a deep commitment. Producing high-quality, safe products, and acting as a reliable and trusted partner to farmers, customers and consumers, we maximize the value of the agrifood chain for communities, shareholders and ourselves.


Bunge is the sum of many cultures, languages and backgrounds. Since our founding in 1818, we have been headquartered in five different countries and three continents. Each is a part of us.

For Bunge, being a diverse, multicultural team is both part of our DNA and a conscious choice. Today we call over 40 nations home, and place a high value on forging the bonds—among colleagues and with customers and partners—that are a competitive advantage in a world that is defined, more and more, by the ability to bridge local and global, to connect and collaborate.

We pride ourselves on the local relationships we have built and on our firsthand understanding of the agricultural markets, food and ingredient industries, and consumer trends in the places where we operate. We believe local managers can do amazing things when they have responsibility for their operations and serve farmers and customers directly.

But there is no lone outpost at Bunge. Our purpose, vision and operations reach across oceans, and encompass hundreds of facilities, thousands of employees and billions of customers. We forge the links that make value chains work, connecting local goods with international markets, and farmers with consumers. Every element of our enterprise serves an important purpose, and we succeed only when every part of the Bunge system works, and works together.

Teamwork is essential. To foster collaboration and stay aligned, we must extend and expect trust. We must listen to one another and be open to ideas, no matter where in the world those ideas originate. For all of our diversity, we are driving toward the same fundamental goals.



At Bunge, safety is our No. 1 priority, not production or profits. We expect all of our people—from the CEO to the newest employee—to speak up and take action, including stopping work, if they encounter unsafe conditions.


Bunge employees should be always proactive, never passive. We must commit to acting as owners—of the work we do and of the company as a whole. We should expect much of each other and demand more of ourselves; show the courage of our convictions and applaud it in our colleagues; insist on clarity and accountability, and deliver both at all times.


Our industry is fast-paced, volatile and highly competitive, so we can never afford to rest on our achievements. We always have to look for a better way to do something, test it, and—if it works—make it a global standard that we all follow.

We do this because Bunge profits not only by moving huge volumes of goods, but by creating incremental value at every step of the journey. Even small improvements are meaningful: serving a customer better, fixing a process, finding a more efficient route, creating a more innovative food product or ingredient. Together, they improve our company’s performance, drive greater returns, and help us make steady gains toward our goal of being the world’s best agrifood company.


Always looking for a better way is the Bunge spirit—an entrepreneurial spirit—in action.

We believe in the ability of great people to make a phenomenal difference, and our history proves it. The creativity, flexibility and competitiveness of our entrepreneurial employees have enabled Bunge to transform itself in the face of new opportunities, to grow and to prosper for 200 years.

Accelerating changes in the global economy make this spirit even more important today. We will never lose it.



Our effort and expertise have never been more essential than they are today.

Growing populations and expanding economies present clear needs: making food more available and more nutritious. Strained natural resources—especially forests and watersheds—mean that we have to produce more food, more efficiently and with greater sensitivity to the environment than ever before.

This will require local expertise and global connections, as well as innovation, determination and creativity—qualities we have in surplus at Bunge.

By connecting farmers to the marketplace; facilitating trade and working with customers to create better food products; improving the sustainability of our operations and supply chains; and exceeding the expectations of consumers, we are rising to the challenge. We are expanding agricultural economies, strengthening global food security, enhancing overall environmental efficiency and improving diets.

Every Bunge employee is essential; working together they are irreplaceable. Every day, in countless ways, we are making an important difference in our operations—so that Bunge can make a lasting difference in the world.

Two centuries after our founding, Bunge is just getting started.