Businesses: Sugar & Bioenergy

According to the U.S. EPA, sugarcane ethanol produces 61% fewer CO2 emissions than gasoline.

Bunge is a leading producer of sugar and ethanol in Brazil and a leading trader and merchandiser of sugar worldwide.

Bunge entered the global sugar market as a trader in 2006, and has since built a strong position as a producer and marketer of sugar and ethanol.


Today, Bunge operates eight sugarcane mills in Brazil.  They have a combined capacity of over 20 million metric tons, produce both sugar and ethanol, and are equipped via cogeneration to produce renewable electricity that can be sold to the Brazilian power grid.  Over time, electricity could generate 15-20% of cogen-equipped mills' profits, providing both a source of growth and risk mitigation.


The mills are located close to main domestic markets in Brazil and have access to export logistics systems, positioning Bunge to capture increasing demand for sugar and sugarcane ethanol in Brazil and beyond.


Demand for ethanol in Brazil is rising, with an expected 18% per year increase in the country's flex fuel auto fleet until 2015.  Flex fuel vehicles are those that run on gasoline, or a combination of gasoline and ethanol, and have proliferated in Brazil since they were introduced in 2003.  Today, nine out of 10 vehicles sold in the country are flex fuel.


Three Bunge sugarcane mills in Brazil are certified by Bonsucro®, a multi-stakeholder organization focused on the social, environmental and economic sustainability of sugarcane production.  Certified mills must comply with ILO labor conventions and meet a number of environmental standards, incorporating biodiversity, water and other metrics.  Certification also denotes recognition of compliance with technical and administrative requirements that ensure sustainable production of sugarcane and its derivatives throughout the value chain, including planting, transport and processing.  Bunge is working to have all its sugarcane mills in Brazil certified.  Follow this link to learn more about Bonsucro®.


Headquartered in Geneva, Bunge's sugar trading and marketing arm sources sugar and ethanol through our origination network in Brazil, Thailand and other geographies and markets it to customers around the world.


Bunge also has investments in a small number of corn ethanol plants in the United States and Argentina, and participates in a joint venture in Brazil that will use microalgae to convert sugars into tailored oils