Locations: South America

Due to its abundant land, rain and skilled agricultural sector, South America is fast becoming the world's leading agricultural exporter.

In South America, Bunge operates the full spectrum of its businesses: agribusiness, sugar & bioenergy, food & ingredients and fertilizer.

We supply fertilizer to farmers, protein meal to livestock producers, edible oils, sugar, wheat and rice products to food processors and food service companies, ethanol and biodiesel to millions of drivers, branded retail food products to consumers and electricity, generated at our sugarcane mills, to thousands of households.


With its greatest agricultural production areas located near major waterways, Argentina is among the world's top exporters of soy products and wheat.  Bunge has operated in Argentina since 1884, originiating, processing and exporting these products.  We also produce biodiesel and participate in the Argentine fertilizer market with phosphate and nitrogen production, as well as blending and distribution operations.


Bunge is one of Brazil's largest agricultural exporters, oilseed processors and wheat millers. Bunge also provides edible oils and food products to consumers, food services companies and processors, and as part of its grain origination activities, supplies farmers with fertilizer. We own and operate eight sugarcane mills in Brazil that produce sugar, ethanol, and electricity through co-generation.


Bunge supplies grains and oilseed products to Colombia.


Bunge originates agricultural commodities in Paraguay for export, operates a retail fertilizer business and is currently building a joint-venture oilseed processing plant.


Bunge supplies grain and oilseed products to Peru.


Bunge originates agricultural commodities in Uruguay for export and operates a retail fertilizer business.