Professional Development: Leadership Development Program

Within the Bunge Leadership Program are courses tailored to the different levels of professional growth. Each course guides individual development, helping to improve organizational performance, grow financial capital, and cultivate a strong network of professionals.


The leadership development structure consists of three courses:

  • Executive Development Program (EDP) for senior managers
  • Leadership Development Program (LDP) for those who report directly to senior managers
  • Management Development Program (MDP) for supervisors


The EDP is a one-week program that addresses the specific responsibilities of senior managers and effective leadership styles.  Participants focus on strategic priorities and challenges that must be managed to create value, and on processes that improve efficiency.


The LDP consists of three one-week modules covering strategy, organization and execution. Its objectives are to help leaders acquire the skills and perspectives needed to achieve Bunge's vision.  More than 400 managers have completed its coursework since it launched in 2003.


The MDP consists of operating-level courses for supervisors, exploring company-wide goals and strategies, with a core curriculum adapted to meet local needs and priorities. Its main objective is to improve organization effectiveness by providing knowledge of Bunge's business and tools to improve process management and people management.  Since it began in 2004 more than 2,000 Bunge managers have participated in MDP courses.


Beyond the particular curricula shared in each of the courses, these progams offer the camaraderie of the group experience for Bunge managers who lead teams around the world—making it yet another mode of integration within our decentralized company.