Locations: Europe

Europe is a major importer and consumer of oilseeds and related products.  It is also a large and growing market for commercial and consumer food products, as well as biofuels.  Eastern Europe is one of the world's most significant and fastest-growing exporters of wheat and other grains.

Bunge produces a variety of protein meal and edible oil products at soybean, rapeseed and sunseed processing plants throughout Europe.  Our bottled oil and margarine brands can be found on retail shelves in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.  We also export grains from the Black Sea region.


Bunge's plant in Bruck an der Leitha processes sunseed and rapeseed for use in animal feed, edible oils and biodiesel.


Bunge has an office in Brussels, where it manages government and corporate affairs for its businesses in the region.


Bunge produces one of Bulgaria's best selling bottled vegetable oils, Kaliakra, and participates in Bulgaria's promising grain export industry.


Bunge is a leading industrial fat, branded margarine and oil manufacturer in Finland and operates in the Nordic and Baltic regions.


Bunge is a leading meal and grain importer and distributor in France with offices located in Saint Nazaire.


Bunge operates an oilseed processing plant in Mannheim. We supply protein meal for Germany's large livestock industry, export edible oils to supply the biodiesel industry and produce a range of margarine products through our subsidiary, Walter Rau.


Bunge's plant in Martfu is located in the heart of Hungary's sunseed-growing region. Bunge is the country's largest oilseed processor and produces the leading bottled oil brands Floriol and Venusz.


In Italy, Bunge operates oilseed processing, refining and bottling facilities in the Ravenna area, with headquarters and production facilities in Porto Corsini, complemented by grain and meal distribution. Industrial operations are integrated with a Novaol biodiesel plant, which is supplied by refined oils such as soybean and rapeseed.


The birthplace of Bunge in 1818, we maintain a presence in the Netherlands with offices in Rotterdam.


Bunge Poland



Bunge operates integrated vegetable oil processing plants in Poland, as well as a port terminal in Swinoujscie.  Bunge is a major supplier of crude vegetable oil to the biodiesel industry; refined oils, margarines and shortenings to the food industry; and oilseed meal to the livestock sector.  Bunge also offers customers the following brands in bottled oils:  Kujawski and Oliwier; in consumer margarines: Smakowita, Masmix and Maslo Roslinne; and in professional products for confectionaries and bakeries:  Prima, Optima and Maestra margarines and Amada fats.


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Bunge is a leading soybean crusher and grain trader in Portugal.  We supply the local industry with protein meals, vegetable oils and grain.


Bunge Prio, a joint venture established in 2012 by Bunge and Martifer, integrates the oilseed and soybean origination and processing capabilities of both companies in Romania and Bulgaria. The group is one of the principal traders in the local market and a leader in bottled oil and bio-diesel.  Through its integrated facilities located in Buzau and Lehliu, Romania, Bunge Prio has a crushing capacity of over 1 million tons.


Bunge exports grains from Russia and produces protein meal and edible oil products at a processing plant in Voronezh.


In Spain, Bunge is a leading soybean crusher and refiner, as well as a grain trader.  We supply the local feed market with protein meals, grain and vegetable oils.  We also supply vegetable oil to biodiesel producers and refined soybean and sunseed oils to the food industry.


Geneva is the headquarters of Bunge Europe, Middle East & Africa.


In Ukraine, Bunge originates and exports grains, meal, soybeans and rapeseed, and produces sunseed oil for domestic and export markets in bulk and bottles. We own and operate five grain elevators in different parts of the country and a grain/oil/meal export terminal in the port of Nikolayev, where we are also building a multiseed crushing facility. Additionally, we operate an integrated oilseed crushing plant in Dnipropetrovsk, and produce and sell bottled edible oils under the Oleina, Rozumnitza and BungePro brands.