Business Overview: Overview

Bunge is a leading global agribusiness and food company with operations on six continents and a diverse portfolio of products ranging from bottled vegetable oils to electricity.


We move agricultural commodities from where they are grown to where they are needed, and produce a host of products for commercial customers, consumers and farmers.

Bunge sells products and services at numerous points along the agribusiness and food production chain, from farm to retail shelf. Each activity complements the next, creating a logical progression in which we transform bulk commodities into a host of value-added products, while creating multifaceted, mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Integration enables us to supply global needs efficiently and create value in a variety of market conditions. Our decentralized structure enables us to stay close to local markets, where we can react quickly to customer needs.


Bunge operates in four business segments: agribusiness, sugar & bioenergy, food & ingredients and fertilizer.

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