Locations: Asia Pacific

With growing economies and expanding per capita income, Asia is a driver of global growth in demand for agricultural commodities and food products.

Bunge supplies grains, oilseeds and related products to Asia via dedicated supply chains that start at our country elevators in North and South America.  We also operate processing facilities in China, Vietnam and India that supply local markets with high-quality products, and export sugar and grains from the region.


Bunge originates grains from Australia, where we have an office in Melbourne, and operates a port in Bunbury.


An urbanizing population and the commercialization of livestock and poultry production are driving increased consumption of soybean meal and oil in China. Bunge is a major supplier of commodity products to the nation, operates soybean processing plants and produces a consumer bottled oil, Douweijia.


India is a growth market for edible oil. Bunge operates oilseed processing, refining and packaging plants and sells retail and commercial products including Dalda, Masterline and Chambal.  In 2012, Bunge India acquired the edible oils and fats business of Amrit Banaspati, whose portfolio of brands includes Amrit, Bansari, Ginni, Merrigold and Sunehri Teer, and the rights to the vanaspati brand, Gagan.


Bunge has marketing offices in Indonesia.


Bunge has a marketing office in Tokyo.


Bunge has marketing offices in the Philippines.


Bunge Asia is headquartered in Singapore.


Bunge has marketing offices and originates sugar in Thailand.


Bunge is a major importer of soybean meal for Vietnam's expanding livestock sector.  We recently opened a soybean processing plant adjacent to our terminal at Phu My Port.